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/ Fabio Ema

Fabio Guimarães, also known as Fabio Ema, was born in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. In the 90’s , he started with the art of Graffiti in the place he lived at the time (São Gonçalo). Known as the pioneer of this kind of art in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Fabio is a reputed graffiti artist in the urban art scenario in the country. He started his artistic career based on the work of Profeta Gentileza (a well-known urban personality whose work was written messages under the viaducts preaching love and sympathy). Gentileza was Fabio’s biggest reference in terms of Urban Art in Rio de Janeiro. In the Visual Arts, Fabio has as essential raw material the spray and paint-brush along with video creation softwares and digital arts. Fabio worked building artistic backgrounds for many Brazilian bands, such as: O Rappa, Ponto de Equilíbrio, Teatro Mágico and others. He exhibited his art in Europe and North America. He also traveled through all states of Brazil showing his creative world. FAC (Fábrica de Arte e Cidadania or Art and Citizenship Factory, in english) is the first graffiti association of Brazil. It is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and it was idealized by Fabio Ema, who is consolidating a methodology which has become a reference in the national social-cultural scene for over 20 years in Visual Arts.

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