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"Welcome to the F.A.C. 33
Arte dos Arcos Gallery – RJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), where we have exhibitions, workshops, cultural reunions, Mapping ( Mapped projections), access to different technologies, and meetings between artists and people who are interested in culture that makes up the urban social life of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Administrated by FAC (Fábrica de Arte e Cidadania) who has the mission to promote access to the arts for all people of the large urban centers, stimulating the full engagement of citizenship through the Visual Arts,we also strengthen social leadership and  entrepreneurial aspects of these people, producing sustainability tools.

FAC  (Fábrica de Arte e Cidadania) keep its stock by selling products  and services performed  by its members, and mentor Fabio Ema. It’s a Self Sustainable institution.

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